Topics I want to write on

I want to blog about the following topics:

Topics to pen down

Topics to pen down

  1. Drupal How-tos
  2. Microwave cakes
  3. Unique and easy to make recipes
  4. Great photographs that were taken by me
  5. My life list
  6. Humorous take on life
  7. Food and movie reviews
  8. Stuff/objects I treasure

Can you suggest me more topics to write on?

Update: As suggested by AsilandtheKeyboard,

  1. Short stories
  2. Poetry

The above photo was taken from

2 thoughts on “Topics I want to write on

    • That sounds absolutely great. But I haven’t delved much into poetry. I remember the one and only piece of poem I had written during my boards exam for a crushI had on someone but couldn’t muster up the courage to say so, so I just vented my frustration into paper and tore it immediately after! I think I like the idea of short stories better. I will try to build my skills around that. Thank you!

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