Today’s two Major events

Today, the 15th of August marks two important events –

  • One – India’s 69th year of Independence from British colonialism.
  • Second and equally important – Julia Child’s Birth Anniversary

I see the Google homepage doodle illustrates the famous Dandi march led by the great Gandhi.

We celebrated a pre-Independence event in office by standing up in our workplace as our national anthem played from our floor speakers. Usually, people come dressed in the traditional attire like the Sari or Kurta and the color code undoubtedly is the Tricolour – Saffron, white and green. We also prepare food in tricolor fashion. 😛

Here are some decorations from my workplace:

11828667_10206162853044105_4462910156232459322_n 11846769_10206163562341837_6606830669557672537_n 11898936_10206163126090931_4734393022400696497_n

In the office, the employees decorate their cubicles with flags and tri-coloured paraphernalia. In my previous workplace, we had a competition for the best-decorated cubicle with a theme. We also have a prize for the best-dressed male and female in traditional attire.

Sometimes we may have a Rangoli making competition.

This video was doing the rounds yesterday and is really thought-provoking. I suddenly realized how much we all take our freedom and independence for granted as life in India was not always so hunky-dory for the locals.

So, today, I want to remember all the brave freedom fighters who gave up their life so that we, the future generation could lead a life of dignity and self-respect. Jai Hind!

Julia_Child_restoreComing to the second event, Julia Child is undoubtedly a famous legend and someone I am so in awe of, especially after watching the film, Julie and Julia. And to think she was born in the same month as me so we do share the same zodiac sign so I am hoping that means I can strive for fine cooking just as she has. 😛

I even have her first published cookbook, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volume One” which I have just recently started reading.

I just happened to see an image of her kitchen which is enormous and is equipped with so many utensils and tools!

Julia Child's kitchen

Julia Child’s kitchen

I would love to own a gigantic kitchen like that someday with lots and lots of space. But I do wonder how much work must go into that to maintain its cleanliness.

The only dish of French origin that I can claim to have made is Ratatouille, which I have prepared twice in two different ways – one was on the stovetop and the other was baked in the oven. I will post the recipe soon. Both had different outcomes but personally I preferred the stove-top one. But I am yet to prepare it in Julia’s way. I don’t really know if I have time for her way as when it comes to cooking, I always love to find the shortest way to do it in. 😀

So cheers to Julia who has inspired us to cook and cook well and learn all the nuances that go into it. Thank You Julia!

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