New Cam Random Shots

I finally got my much-awaited DSLR camera – my first one – and boy! I just love it!

Now, I am wondering why in the world did I take this long to purchase one?

The beauty of it all! Especially the 50mm lens is a god-sent. I just love the Bokeh effect it creates. I am dying to start using it for my Recipes posts.

I really love to click photographs and did try to play around with the limited settings that my Point-and-shoot camera offered. My camera lid came off some days ago and could not be repaired and this came like a blessing in disguise as that is the time I started to really think of buying a DSLR camera.

Till now, I have not played around with the manual modes and settings. Trying to test it out with the auto no-flash mode and the results were just brilliant!

I did try some random shots yesterday. I am posting it here below:

Please do let me know how are they? 🙂

I hope to perfect the art of photography and not to forget, especially food photgraphy!

See you with more food porn!

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