Cuteness Impersonified

I had gone to the Galleria market to mail the ITR-V form via India speed post so while there, I dropped in at the Archies’ Store, hoping to catch something interesting and it sure didn’t disappoint me.

I found a lot of cute decorated stuff, mostly imported from Thailand, but stuff I didn’t really need but then I still managed to find something of use.

I found a cute fridge magnet in the shape of a sweet poodle-like dog – I could do with one as I hadn’t bought any fridge magnets for a pretty long time due to lack of good stuff.

I also bought a pretty metal container which I thought would serve as a great trinkets box.

Then I bought a stencil kind of metal scale which had shapes of animals on it. A scale could always be handy.

As I would be travelling this weekend, I bought a luggage tag. This would save me the confusion of double-checking my luggage from the belt in the airport.

Oh yes, I can never have enough of pocket mirrors. A must-have in my handbag for touch-ups.

Last but not the least, I bought a purse as my present one was wearing out.


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