Dining out with Family

These days I am not doing much of blogging as am away on vacation at my parents’ home which is a two-hour flight journey from where I stay.

The two-hour flight journey is a really expensive one so it is not possible to make this journey more frequently. Moreover, travelling alone by train is not my cup of tea, because:

  • the journey duration is more than a day
  • not safe to travel alone
  • non-availability of 3-tier coaches.

So, travelling by flight is my only practical option which needs prior planning as booking a flight at the last minute costs a lot of money!

It’s not that I detest train journeys, but I would feel much safer going with atleast one more person I know and trust.

My first long-distance train journey was a memorable one as I was travelling with a group of 11 people, all batchmates from the same university. It was the longest journey I had ever undertaken by train and it took us more than 3 days to reach our destination, Bengaluru from our native, Guwahati.

I came to my native hometown at a very unfortunate time as my sister and her family had all fallen ill – they all had some persistent eye infection that was taking a ridiculous amount of time to heal.

But, despite the annoyance of such a deterrent, they took us out to dinner at the in-house restaurant – Chaska, of a boutique hotel named Pragati Manor.

Geometric patterns on ceiling

The ceiling had interesting geometric patterns which I loved!

The Seating area

The Seating area

The Menu

The Menu

As is the case with me these days, I like to lug my new DSLR camera in the hope of catching something interesting at a flattering angle.

So, below are some shots I have taken which I felt were worth sharing with you all in this blog as I kind of liked the way they turned out after post processing.

Below are some shots in the Reception-cum-waiting area.

Trying my hand at clicking the interiors.

Trying my hand at clicking the interiors.

I loved the lights here

I loved the lights here

The waiting area

The waiting area

I am trying to improve with each iteration whether it be the picture composition, the settings or the lighting. I did manage to find some appealing elements to photograph although nothing too fancy. Just some ordinary things shot in a new and unique way.

The lone rose

The scene-stealer – a lone red rose

Metallic Mirror

The asymmetrical metallic mirror adds a modern touch

Symmetric Mirror

Another mirror, this time a symmetrically patterned one.

Waiting area

An aerial view from the second floor

Red Rose

This beautiful red rose refuses to be left alone.

Twisted bread rolls

The bread rolls looked so cute and ready to eat

glass tumblers

The sight of the sliced lemons lends a freshness to the photograph

A chilled glass of beer

There is something about a chilled glass of beer that I can’t resist clicking.


This is a picture of my crazy niece, fooling around in front of the microphone.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my photographs. Do let me know what you think about them in the comments section below.

Have a good weekend you all!


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